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Hi there. I'm Hime-chan, captain of the NagiRei/Reigisa Ship. I like to draw and I also RP as Ratchet Rei. If you want to commission me or just want to know more about some kawaii sugoi teenage guy/ Magical Bunny Princess Superhero on Tumblr, leave me a message!



Hey cuties! Its-Not-Beautiful here with a little bit of news!

I am now taking commissions!

I have listed my rates here as you can see, but these prices can also change depending on what you ask for, or whether you want a simple or specific background. Please note that I am open to stuff other than what’s listed just in case you want something different. ^^

Stuff I will not do:

  • Extreme fetishes (message me if you want specifics)
  • Blood/Gore (like… no… have you seen my blog?)
  • Anthro/Furry (I don’t even know how to do that nor do I really want to)
  • Giraffes (Giraffes are disgusting animals)
  • I cant think of anything else atm but if you message me something specific i’ll let you know if I draw it or not

Send me a message to commission something, and we’ll work out the details! (btw I use paypal just fyi)

Please reblog this to promote me (just know you are not obligated to, but I would be very thankful if you did I am an artist who needs money so please be understanding! Thanks everyone! ^^) - Hime-chan

I take commissions guys… cmon…


Teacher: You may listen to your music quietly



Iggy azalea as a tween

Iggy azalea as a tween

Endymion, you are my first love, my only love… even if we’re reborn, in another life, we’ll find each other… and then… We’ll fall in love again

Anonymous said: who made you captain of this ship?




Hiroshi Ueda, artist of the Tiger and Bunny manga, draws the Free! characters.

Edit: now complete with Haru.


hello I’ve crawled out from the depth of the earth ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✧˖ ° 

prints available @ Otakon 2014 table S-02


because au!merman haru is too cute and I can’t NOT do this and kissu kissu kissu


because au!merman haru is too cute and I can’t NOT do this and kissu kissu kissu


So I reached my next 100 followers so I decided that I’d give some stuff to you peeps  

(I will select 2 winners)

Le Prizes are:

1st prize ~ Aoba Nendoroid (Or any Figurine/Nendoroid under $35) These figurines have to be from!!!!!

2nd prize ~ Any clothing/wig/contacts/anything under $22 (with shipping under $15!!)  Think about that I don’t want shipping that cost like $45 heh

BONUS!!!: If you send me an ask, telling me what you’d buy if you won first or second price and why I will add the eyeshadow pallet for your prize if you win.


  • must follow my blog (But please don’t unfollow after the giveaway is over)
  • must reblog this post, likes don’t count
  • If you win you have to give me your shipping address. 

- You must be 18+ or have a guardians permission to recieve things from me ^^ 

- this giveaway is international

!!!!!must reach 90 notes and the giveaway ends on 7/28 at 12 am GMT!!!!

!! But I wont send it to you until 8/15 !!

The reason I’m sending it so late is  that I will have everything for sure by then and will be able to send it to you 

Good luck and don’t fuck it up B)

★ M A K E   M E   C H O O S E

Nagisa or Rei - request by: anonymous